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Jac⋅que⋅rie /ʒɑkəˈri/

1. the revolt of the peasants of northern France against the nobles in 1358.
2. (lowercase) any peasant revolt.

< F, MF, equiv. to jaque(s) peasant (after Jacques, a name thought to be typical of peasants) + –rie -ry


‘What do you suppose they’re doing out there?’ Father Michael asked.

‘Sharpening their scythes, their pruning hooks and pitchforks, most likely,’ Doheny said. ‘Preparing for the jacquerie.’

Source: The White Plague by Frank Herbert.


lo⋅den /ˈloʊdn/

1.     a thick, heavily fulled, waterproof fabric, used in coats and jackets for cold climates.
2.     Also called loden green. the deep olive-green color of this fabric.

1910–15; < G; OHG lodo; cf. OE lotha cloak, ON lothi fur cloak, lothinn shaggy


The delicately built Hysbald had pulled his great loden hood over his red hair.

Source: The Neverending Story by Michael Ende.