I read the first part of Chapter 2 of Stephen Donaldson’s forthcoming book, Fatal Revenant, recently. At one point he uses the description ‘as celebratory as an aubade’. Coincedentally, it was the first thing I read after finishing the Harry Potter series – a main character of which is, of course, called Albus. For some bizarre reason, the latin albus is also the root of the word ‘auburn’. Hence also ‘albino’, ‘albumen’ and ‘Albion’.



NOUN: 1. A song or instrumental composition concerning, accompanying, or evoking daybreak. 2. A poem or song of or about lovers separating at dawn.

ETYMOLOGY: French, from Old French albade, from Old Provençal albada, from alba, dawn, aubade, from Latin, feminine of albus, white.

Source: Bartelby.com.