squa·mous /ˈskweɪməs/

1. covered with or formed of squamae or scales.
2. scalelike.
Also, squamosal, squa·mose  /ˈskweɪmoʊs, skwəˈmoʊs/

1535–45; < L squāmōsus. See squama, -ous

—Related forms
squa·mous·ly, squa·mose·ly, adverb
squa·mous·ness, squa·mose·ness, noun

Source: Dictionary.com.

The pulse of life is a squamous film superimposed on an underlying matter so intricate in its delicate balancing of different energies that life itself is but a brief, vain straining against that balance.

Source: The War Against the Rull by A E van Vogt.