pul·ver·u·lent /pʌlˈvɛryələnt, -ˈvɛrələnt/

1. consisting of dust or fine powder.
2. crumbling to dust or powder.
3. covered with dust or powder.

1650–60; < L pulverulentus dusty, equiv. to pulver– (s. of pulvis) dust + –ulentus -ulent

—Related forms
pul·ver·u·lence, noun
pul·ver·u·lent·ly, adverb

Source: Dictionary.com.

[A]n attic promises a rather threadbare paradise, where the dead bodies appear in a pulverulent glow, a vegetal elixir that, in the absence of green, makes you feel  you are in a parched tropical forest, an artificial canebreak where you are immersed in a tepid sauna.
Source: The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana by Umberto Eco.