pa·nache /pəˈnæʃ, -ˈnɑʃ/
1. a grand or flamboyant manner; verve; style; flair: The actor who would play Cyrano must have panache.
2. an ornamental plume of feathers, tassels, or the like, esp. one worn on a helmet or cap.
3. Architecture. the surface of a pendentive.

[Origin: 1545-55; var. (after F) of pennache < MF < early It pennachio < LL pinnāculum, dim. of pinna wing; identical in form with pinnāculum pinnacle]


a black straw cowboy hat with a big feather panache plastered on the that made it look as if a sparrow had run into him in a full-power dive.

Source: Turn of the Cards, Victor Milán.